Our Story

At NWG Business our purpose is to enjoy making
our customers feel special and our employees feel loved. 

Who we are

We are the associated retailer of Northumbrian Water Group and as such we already supply businesses in Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, County Durham, Teesside, Essex and Suffolk. Our ambition is to become a major national supplier of utilities to businesses by retaining our existing customers and attracting new ones to join NWG Business for their gas, electricity, water and waste water supplies.

We are passionate about customer experience and have designed our systems and teams to ensure that we can deliver great service in the new market. In 2015 we conducted market research, with Market Gravity, to understand our customer needs. We learnt that Industrial and Commercial (I&C) customers have different needs to our Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) customers. So, we decided to organise ourselves into two separate teams to work with I&C and SME customers in different ways.

    Customer focused
    Results driven
    One Team

Why we're special

In utilities it’s not easy to impress customers, but what we can do is get things right and be proactive to ensure that our customers have to spend less time on their utility bills. We have designed our bills to be easy to read, clear and simple. We’ve also made our services accessible via our new website so that customers can look at their account when it suits them.

One of the most important elements of our business is the experience our people have within the utilities industry. We supply some of the most complex I&C customers in the Teesside region and therefore understand the complexities of the water industry. This experience helps us to be proactive and resolve issues before they arise. We are also regularly speaking to our customers and at water events to share our knowledge, so everyone benefits.

What we do

In September 2016 we moved into our new offices and are busy making this a great place to work. We want our people to be happy, have opportunities to learn and develop and feel empowered to make the right decisions to support their customers. We also like to give back to society through volunteering and making a difference where we can.


What our customers say

Kirklea Chalet, Travel Lodge

We are a single site on the Isle of Lewis, and water is just another one of our utilities. We were looking for a helpful, no-nonsense supplier who could explain our charges and help us to get a water contract we were happy with.

Mr Alexander Campbell, Isle of Lewis

Castle Kindergarten

I am so pleased with the high level of customer service I’ve received from my Account Manager. Such a high level of service is unusual these days, but clearly your company works hard to provide this. My enquiry was acted on speedily and I received clear explanations and helpful advice at every stage. I really felt my needs were taken seriously and that dealing with them mattered. Customer service is clearly a huge strength of your company... well done!

Sue Morgan, Tyne & Wear

Bourne Leisure, Leisure and Holidays

We saved around 10% on our water consumption. This then provided a knock on saving to our sewerage charges and was monitored by digital water loggers than were fitted to our meters. We were nominated for a water saving award, based on the work that we had done.

Mr Nathan Race, UK